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Some faculty affiliate with the Presley Center for Crime and Justice and the Southern California Developing Center of Academic Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention, which has its administrative headquarters in the Presley Center and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a multidisciplinary effort that engages faculty from five universities in Southern California. The Presley Center emphasizes basic and evaluation research on the prevention and control of violence in the State of California. Its research program is focused on four major topics: 1) youth violence; 2) violence against women; 3) Latinos and the criminal justice system, and 4) evaluating law enforcement and judicial outcomes, practices, and policies. Other crosscutting issues include firearms and violence; drugs, alcohol, and violence; and socio-economic conditions and violence. Grant activities in the Presley Center have increased the Sociology Department's ability to provide graduate students with research assistant experience working on funded research projects.