Matthew C. Mahutga

Matthew C. Mahutga

Associate Professor

BA Metropolitan State College of Denver
MA Sociology 2004 UC Irvine
PhD Sociology 2008 UC Irvine

Office: 1226 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5852
Fax: (951) 827-3330
E-mail: matthew.mahutga@ucr.edu

Personal Website


My research interests lie at the intersection of global/transnational and economic sociology, political economy, stratification and development. Most of my work examines the organizational features of economic globalization and the consequences of these and related social processes for economic development and stratification. The particular empirical and theoretical questions I ask require varying empirical contexts to answer. For example, questions orienting my work on the world-wide diffusion of globally networked models of economic organization sometimes require comparisons of cases within the “command and control” center of these organizational structures, and other times require comparisons between these central actors and other types of network participants. Other projects focus more narrowly on post-socialist transition countries, both because there are many interesting explananda intrinsic to the transition process, and because transition provides a historically novel context with which to examine questions about the developmental and distributional consequences of social change more generally. Because my substantive foci involve historical social change, nearly all of my empirical examinations are longitudinal. And, while data is central to my (and any) scientific enterprise, I also find it necessary to engage in pure theoretical work, and to develop new methodological tools with which to pursue the empirical questions that follow from it. Please visit my personal website (http://matthewcm.ucr.edu), where you can read many of my papers.

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