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The Center for Family Studies promotes significant advances in family research, programs, and policy by emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to family issues. By providing a forum for an interdisciplinary dialogue, the interplay across different levels of analysis can be more clearly understood. More information can be obtained at http://familystudies.ucr.edu/.

The Program on Global Studies (POGS) is a new interdisciplinary research program at UCR. POGS involves humanists as well as biological, social and physical scientists at UCR in research on global issues. POGS is co-Directed by Juliann Allison (Political Science) and Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology). The Program on Global Studies is the UCR branch of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC), a multi-campus research unit of the University of California. (http://www.irows.ucr.edu/pogs/pogs.htm)

The Social Psychology Research Laboratory (SPYRL) was established at UCR in 2002 to advance the study of self, identity, interaction, and interpersonal relationships. The facilities are designed to study individual actors as well as dyads, triads, and larger groups. The laboratory has computer-equipped subject rooms, computer-equipped workstations, observation of group interaction through one-way mirrors, and video recording capabilities. More information can be obtained at http://www.sociology.ucr.edu/spyrl/index.html.

The Women's Studies Department crosses traditional academic disciplines and studies the world’s diverse cultures to investigate such topics as the roles of women in developing countries and in migration; the ways gender interacts with race, ethnicity, and class; women and culture; how gender categories operate in our own and other societies; the history of sex and sexuality; and new directions in feminist theory. Women's Studies at UCR is expanding rapidly. Students can expect exciting additions to the current program and student input is always welcome. More information can be obtained at http://www.womensstudies.ucr.edu.

The Center for Women in Coalition (CWIC) is the research arm of the Women’s Studies Department which sponsors conferences, brings women scholar-activists from various countries to speak at UCR, and conducts research. The Rural Empowerment Project, for instance, coordinates the work of researchers and activists concerned with issues facing women farm workers in California. More information is available at http://www.womensstudies.ucr.edu.