Political Economy and Global Social Change (PEGSC) brings together a number of sub specialties, including social movements, historical, political, economic and macro-comparative sociology. We build on classical political economy, including the works of Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, and Karl Polanyi, as well as more recent theories of political economy. This specialization brings together empirical examinations of world cities, demographic and ecological dynamics, the welfare state, large scale social networks, income inequality, social movements, class and gender dynamics, the evolving intersocietal division of labor, ethnic entrepreneurship, global democracy, and the political, economic, social, demographic and health implications of North-South international migration for sending and receiving areas. Our faculty expertise encompasses the full range of methodological diversity in the study of political economy, including econometrics, network analysis, demographic methods, qualitative and ethnographic approaches, and comparative-historical analysis in both its qualitative and quantitative forms.