The Institute for Research on World Systems (IROWS) organizes collaborative research among social and natural scientists on long-term, large-scale change, with special attention to ecological, demographic, and institutional causes and effects of world historical social change. IROWS is currently directed by Christopher Chase-Dunn and Matthew C Mahutga in the Department of Sociology. For more information, go to

Program on Global Studies (PoGS) is an interdisciplinary research and education initiative —the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences—in the study of global issues, with the intent of increasing the amount of interdisciplinary research on campus as well as the educational mission of the university on important contemporary issues. PoGS is the UCRiverside branch of the UC systemwide Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. The PoGS co-Directors are Juliann Allison (Political Science) and Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology). For more information, see:

PEGSC also collaborates with the Comparative Ancient Civilizations Program, the Center for Women in Coalition, the UCR Public Policy Initiative ( and the Edward J. Blakely Center for Sustainable Suburban Development.