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Elizabeth Bogumil

Elizabeth Bogumil

Elizabeth received her B.A. in Cinema Television Arts and M.A. in Sociology from CSU Northridge. She entered UCR in Fall 2016 and specializes in political economy and global social change. Elizabeth’s areas of interest include globalization, urban sociology, inequality, comparative historical sociology, development, the environment, arts-based research methods, and public sociology. Her current research examines relationships among community walkability, topophilia, sense of community, and quality of life. While much of her research is quantitative, she enjoys engaging in mixed-methods and using innovative arts-based research methods for data collection, analysis, and representation. With an intimate group of arts-based researchers, she has co-authored an article and book chapter, and has two more articles in the works, addressing the use of such methods in higher education. In addition to her research interests, Elizabeth has experience working on federally funded grants, with the CSU Northridge IRB, with non-profits, lecturing at the CSU and community college levels and is a CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program scholar. She credits road-trips, walking through cities across the U.S., and her W.P.A. Writer’s Project book collection for her interest in sociology.

Contact Info: ebogu001@ucr.edu


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