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Vladimir Borel

Vladimir Borel

Vladimir was educated in France, the United States, Spain and Canada, with a mix of private and public schools. He has a BA in Communications and Psychology. Vladimir is a binational student, fluent in French and English as well as proficient in Spanish. He has traveled extensively with his family as well as alone for work and pleasure. He is passionate about ecology, sustainability and self-sufficiency, having spent time and worked in different non-government organizations throughout the world and working with the locals in education and agricultural projects. For the past nine months, Vladimir has been in Indonesia as a volunteer teaching English and responsible for an aquaponics project. This project included the fundraising, design and hands-on construction of an aquaponics system for the local farm used by the organization’s orphanage and street kitchen. Vladimir entered UCR in Fall 2016, and his specialization is Political Economy and Global Social Change. His research interests lie in the study of the emergence of social groups and the institutions which are formed to maintain their cohesion. He wants to find ways that we may create incentives for social groups and individuals to choose the transition from one form of organisation to another. In particular, he is interested in the transition from a contemporary urban, heavy energy-cost lifestyle to a smaller, self-sufficient, more traditional lifestyle in which there is a strong social fabric interlinked with other similar modules via the use of the new information and communications technology.

Contact Info: vladimir.borel@email.ucr.edu


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