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Caryn Bell Gerstenberger

Caryn Bell Gerstenberger

My dissertation focuses on the causes and correlates of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among gay males. The limited research available on IPV within same-sex relationships indicates that lesbians and gay men experience at least as much violence as heterosexual couples. However, despite this finding, there is a paucity of research seeking to assess etiology of IPV among same-sex couples. The present study seeks to replicate limited previous research while incorporating theoretical explanations—specifically those that involve masculinity as a key to men’s violence. The current study also focuses on patterns of power and control in the perpetration of IPV.

As a teaching assistant, instructor at various universities, and participation in the University Teaching Certificate Program at UC Riverside, I have had the opportunity to enhance my teaching abilities immensely. My teaching experience ranges from introductory to upper division courses, with a focus on classes in the fields of crime and gender. I am constantly seeking ways to sharpen my teaching skills, as I have discovered that teaching, like learning, is a lifelong process.

Contact Information: caryn.bell@email.ucr.edu

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