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Allison Monterrosa

Allison Monterrosa

Allison earned her BA and MA in sociology from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  Her research areas include sociolegal studies, criminology, social justice studies, intimate partner violence (IPV) and the intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality.  She is a licensed Confidential Victim Advocate. She has presented her research at the Western Social Sciences Conference entitled ""The Strong Black Woman" and Domestic Violence: An Analysis of How Stereotypes Impact Support Networks" (2012). She has completed extensive research surrounding issues of intersectionality and social equity. She has certification in diversity training and frequently co-facilitates diversity workshops. Her most recent presentation was “Women of Color and Microaggressions in the Classroom” at the Knapsack Institute, 2015 (with Abby Ferber & Lynda Dickson). Her current research, “Black Women’s Experiences with IPV: Constraints to Help Seeking Behaviors”(forthcoming), focuses on public policy as a form of structural violence with particular attention given to class variations among this group; critiques how these victimizations effect their relationship to the criminal justice system, the prison industrial complex and the impact these factors have on family formations within the Black community.  Her research also analyzes the psychological and emotional impact of systemic oppression, as well as the health implications and outcomes of these experiences for women of color.

Contact Info: allison.monterrosa@email.ucr.edu


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