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Ph.D. Students on the Market

Gary Coyne

Research Areas: Global Integration, Development and Inequality, Education, and Social Movements.

Dissertation Title: Causes and Consequences of Second Language Education A Global Analysis From 1980 to the Present.

Dissertation Committee: Christopher Chase-Dunn (Chair), Matthew Mahutga, Augustine Kposowa, and Steven G. Brint

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Caryn Bell Gerstenberger

Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Criminology, Gender, Inequality, and Gender & Crime

Dissertation Title: Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of Violence Among Gay Men

Dissertation Committee: Robert Nash Parker (chair), Kirk R. Williams, and Tanya Nieri

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Kerry Mulligan

Research Interests: Gender, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Sociological Theory, Sexuality, Gender and Crime, Medical Sociology

Dissertation Title: Ideological Resilience: How Gender and Racial Inequality are Reproduced in Cases of Statutory Rape

Dissertation Committee: Katja Guenther (Chair), Karen Pyke, Ellen Reese

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Anthony Roberts

Research Areas: Global Political Economy, World Polity, Income Inequality, and Labor Market Institutions

Dissertation: The Embedded Economy and National Income Inequality: A Cross-National Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries, 1980-2010.

Dissertation Committee: Christopher Chase-Dunn (Co-Chair), Matthew Mahutga (Co-Chair), and Robert Hanneman

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Adam G. Sanford, Ph.D.

Research Interest Areas: Criminology, Legitimacy, Social Theory, Demography, Social Cognition

Dissertation Title: Exploring the Decision-Making Process in Relation to Legitimacy Assignment

Committee: Robert Hanneman (Chair), Austin T. Turk, Tanya Nieri, David Swanson

Email: agsanford@gmail.com

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Michael Lawrence Walker

Research Interests: Criminology & Penology, Race and Ethnic Relations, Inequality, Ethnography, and Urban Sociology

Dissertation Title: Becoming “Egypt:” Management, Race, and Violence in Jail

Committee: Ellen Reese (Chair), Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., Alfredo Mirande, Dylan Rodgriguez

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Erin Wolbeck

Research Interests: Sexual Offenses and Offenders, Criminal Justice Policy, and Juvenile Delinquency

Dissertation Title: “A Spatial Examination of Residency Restriction Legislation: The Impact of Social Disorganization and Social Services"

Committee: Robert Nash Parker (Chair), David A. Sawnson, Tanya Nieri

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