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Ph.D. Students on the Market

Alexis A. Álvarez, M.A.

Research Interests: PEGSC and Institutions/Organizations.

Dissertation Title: The Structure of Global Governance: Multivariate and Network Analyses of Foreign Aid, Trade, and IGO Membership, 1919 – 2015

Committee: Christopher Chase-Dunn (chair), Robert Hanneman, and Ellen Reese

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Ian Breckenridge-Jackson

Research and Teaching Interests: Race, class, and gender inequality; social movements and social change; volunteerism and volunteer tourism; political sociology; disasters and environmental sociology; qualitative and quantitative research methods (mixed methods)

Dissertation Title: The Impacts of Disaster Recovery Volunteerism(s): A Case Study of Post-Katrina New Orleans

Dissertation Committee: Ellen Reese (chair), Katja Guenther, and Christopher Chase-Dunn

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Caryn Bell Gerstenberger

Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Criminology, Gender, Inequality, and Gender & Crime

Dissertation Title: Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of Violence Among Gay Men

Dissertation Committee: Robert Nash Parker (chair), Kirk R. Williams, and Tanya Nieri

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Matthew Grindal

Research Interests: Ethnic Identity, Ethnic-Racial Socialization, Theories of Criminal Offending, Race and Crime, Public Health, Identity Theory, Social Identity Theory

Dissertation Title: A Theoretical Development of the Relationship between Ethnic Identity and Psychological Health

Dissertation Committee: Peter J. Burke (Char), Tanya Nieri, Jan E. Stets, and Scott Savage

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Paul Peterson

Research Areas: Political Economy, Economic Sociology, Sociological Theory, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Capitalizing on Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Causes and Consequences of Financialization in American Industries

Dissertation Committee: Matthew Mahutga (co-chair), Christopher Chase-Dunn (co-chair), Raymond Russell

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Natasha Radojcic

Research Interests: Social change, Social inequalities, Gender, Qualitative Methods, Sexualities

Dissertation Title: Heretical Queers and the Struggle for LGBT Equality in Anti-Gay Institutions

Dissertation Committee: Katja Guenther (chair), Karen Pyke, Ellen Reese

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Elizabeth Anne Gervais Schwarz

Research Interests: Social Change, Communication, Environmental Sociology, Inequalities, Gender, Culture, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Dissertation Title: Visual Activism? The Case of Conservation Photography

Dissertation Committee: Katja Guenther (Chair), Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., Ellen Reese

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Erin Wolbeck

Research Interests: Sexual Offenses and Offenders, Criminal Justice Policy, and Juvenile Delinquency

Dissertation Title: “A Spatial Examination of Residency Restriction Legislation: The Impact of Social Disorganization and Social Services"

Committee: Robert Nash Parker (Chair), David A. Sawnson, Tanya Nieri

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