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Jan Stets Professor Jan E. Stets is an AAAS Fellow and recipient of the Life Achievement Award of the ASA Emotions Section. From 2008-2010, she was Sociology Program Director for the National Science Foundation. She focuses on using and extending identity theory to study individual and interpersonal processes. She has been using new developments in identity theory to study emotions and the moral self.


Peter Burke Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) and Professor of the Graduate Division & Faculty Associate Peter J. Burke is an AAAS Fellow and recipient of the Cooley-Mead Lifetime Achievement Award of the ASA Social Psychology Section. He is one of the originators of Identity Theory. His research draws on Complexity Theory, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Simulation to understand (1) how individuals, acting as agents with particular identities, come together in interaction to create larger aggregates, groups, organizations and societies, and (2) how these social structures constrain and limit the kinds of actions that individuals can take.
Matthew Grindal Matthew Grindal is a Visiting Assistant Professor who earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside in 2014. He is a quantitative sociologist whose research examines the theoretical mechanisms that link ethnic-racial developmental processes to the health and delinquency outcomes of adolescents and young adults. He is specifically interested in the general mechanisms specified by the social psychological literature (e.g., verification, enhancement, perceptions of threat, and intergroup attitudes) and the micro-level mechanisms traditionally employed in criminological theory (i.e. social learning, social bonds, strain, and self-control).
Kevin McCaffree Kevin McCaffree is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne. He is a criminologist and sociological theorist with specific interests in the sociology of morality, sociology of secularism, and the sociology of identities. Kevin’s work includes a comprehensive study of the historical and contemporary relationship between alcohol consumption and violence in the US, a new theory of morality which draws from anthropology, zoology and evolutionary sociology, and a theory of the secularization of society. Among other things, Kevin is currently pursuing theoretical research on the moral identity, and how people learn to disengage from morally-relevant situations.
Scott V. Savage Professor Scott V. Savage is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Houston. He is a micro-theorist who specializes in exchange, identity, and status-organizing processes. His research relies on experimental and quantitative methods to investigate group life and its effects on individuals. He is particularly interested in how the self can both change and be changed by social structures.


Allison Cantwell Dr. Allison M. Cantwell is Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Research at the University of California, Riverside. Allison’s research interests include the student identity, student behavior, and the undergraduate student experience. Her recent research has focused on the flexibility of identity meanings and how it mediates identity processes.
Ryan Trettevik Ryan Trettevik is a visiting post-doctoral scholar in the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on emotions and behavior resulting from identity processes, identity change, and the links between identities and health.



Guadalupe Abonce Guadalupe Abonce
I am from San Bernardino, California. I am a freshman Biochemistry major with an emphasis in medical. I would like to collaborate in labs with different disciplines in science in order to broaden my horizons. Some research interest I'd like to pursue would be agricultural as well as genetic research.
Montserrat Aguilera Montserrat Aguilera
I am from Chino Hills, California. I am a sophomore majoring in Sociology and Spanish, with an emphasis in Spanish culture. My research interests include race, class, and inequality, social psychology, society and identity, and behavioral theories. I plan to continue my education at graduate school and eventually apply my knowledge to help better the lives of those in need through non-profit organizations.
Valencia Arciñiega Valencia Arciñiega
I was born in Inglewood, California but spent most of my life in the Inland Empire. I am a junior Sociology major. Outside of my academic and professional roles, I love to dance contemporary and hip hop. I have been dancing for 15 years and create choreography when the time allows. My personal research interests include educational equity, specifically the topics of retention and learning.
Arman Azedi Arman Azedi
I am a senior majoring in Sociology and Psychology. I developed a passion for sociology because, according to Peter Berger, it is "subversive of established patterns of thought," and encourages us to think critically and subversively about assumptions and ideas that society takes for granted. In this regard, I believe sociology is a crucial field for the betterment of society. I then decided to major in psychology because I found cognitive processes and their impact on our environment and others around us fascinating as well. I enjoy researching many areas of both fields, and plan to pursue a graduate degree in Sociology.
Laura Bayona Laura Bayona
I am a senior Sociology major. I transferred from Riverside City College, and in 2015 I received three Associate Degrees in Communications, Humanities, and Sociology. Some of my interests in sociology include social identity theory and race and ethnic studies.
Yasmeen Dabbas Yasmeen Dabbas
I am from Riverside, California. I am a junior Sociology major. I am the president of Students for Justice in Palestine and the host of the Middle Eastern Student Center’s women’s circle at UCR. My research interests include social justice and migration, human rights and refugees, and middle eastern and islamic studies.
Danielle Garcia Danielle Garcia
I was born and raised in Riverside. I am a senior Sociology major. My research interests involve how our environment and interactions with others help shaped our social identity. My goal is to link how our identity processes and behavior connect when our identity changes and how these changes affect our mental health.
Jessica Gonzalez Jessica Gonzalez
I am from Long Beach, California. I am a senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. I am interested in social psychological theories and child development. I hope to attend grad school and become a child psychologist.
Maria Guillen Maria Guillen 
I am a senior Sociology major. Although I have always had a strong interest in Psychology, I decided to major in sociology because I believe that sociology and psychology go hand in hand. Additionally, I feel that studying sociology has made me aware of countless issues and topics that have made me a better, more culturally responsive person. After graduating with a BS degree, I plan to attend graduate school and earn my Master of Social Work degree. My professional goal is to be able to use the skills I accumulate through my education and work experience to tackle the issues sociologists are presented with everyday within their community.
Jasmine Hernandez Jasmine Hernandez
I am from San Bernardino, California. I am a freshman majoring in chemistry. I was drawn to this research by my curiosity to learn more about human nature and interactions. 
Lena Infante Lena Infante
I am from Temecula, California. I am a senior Biology major. I plan to go to veterinary school, but I took an interest in identity theory while taking a sociology course.
Mahera Khan Mahera Khan
As a Sociology major and Psychology minor I have gained an interest in studying Psychology from a sociological perspective. My goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology and become a professor at a university while conducting my own research. My research interests include social identity, personalities, and emotions.
Mariela Maravilla Mariela Maravilla
I am a junior Sociology major. My favorite research topics are mental illness, emotions, and collective behavior. Outside of campus, I am an elementary school tutor for grades kinder, first, and fourth. Working with kids, I learned how some struggle with focusing and learning in class due to mental disorders. From this, I hope to pursue a Master's degree and a career as a therapist to help these children to overcome their mental learning disabilities.
Guillermina Morales Guillermina Morales
I am a senior Sociology major with a Labor Studies minor. My research interests include violence among families and against women, and identity theory. I love hiking, Disneyland, and my golden retriever, Lady!
Ashley Ortega Ashley Ortega
I am a senior Sociology major with a concentration in Business Administration. My research interests are in interactions between others and social identity theory. 
Alisha Salcedo Alisha Salcedo
I am a senior Sociology major. I plan to continue sociology in graduate school. I'm very interested in social psychology, class inequality, and I have some interest in globalization. I hope to become successful in life and make a difference in society.
Lauren Wong Lauren Wong
I am from Millbrae, California. I am a junior Sociology major. My research interests in sociology are social psychology and criminology and deviance. My goal is to become a prosecutor in criminal law, and I am hoping to use what I learn to understand why people commit crimes such as murder.

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