Current Faculty Research Projects.

Professor Steven Brint is currently working with two graduate students on a National Science Foundation-funded study comparing the career trajectories of faculty members hired into interdisciplinary groups to those of faculty members hired through traditional departmental processes.  The project website is

Professor Steven Brint is currently working with four graduate students on a study of the socio-demographic and educational backgrounds of members of the “cultural elite” (i.e. leading academics, media figures, and artists).  The goal of the project is to compare the backgrounds (and eventually the public statements and political commitments) of cultural leaders with those of business and political leaders. 

Professor Chris Chase-Dunnis currently working with graduate students on a project studying long-term sociocultural evolution through the lens of the growth and decline of settlements and polities — the SetPol project.  The project meets weekly at 3 pm.  The project web site is at

Professor Alfredo Mirandé is currently working in collaboration with several UCR Sociology graduate students on a forthcoming special dossier issue of the journal Aztlan, which focuses on the relationship between Latina/os and the legal and judicial system, and includes essays on the unauthorized use of deadly force by police, the racial profiling of Latinos, the criminalization of barrio youth, and Latino overrepresentation in prisons.

Professor Tanya Nieri is currently working with two graduate students to examine quantitatively the role of ethnic-racial socialization of parents as a moderator of the relation between adolescents’ perceived discrimination and substance use.  She is working with another graduate student on a qualitative study of Zumba instructors’ teaching strategies as techniques of freedom a la Foucault.

Professor Ellen Reese is currently working with three graduate students on a research project, sponsored by the Center for Social Innovation at UCR and funded through the James Irvine Foundation and the Weingart Foundation. The goal of the project is to study labor market and working conditions in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Professor Jan Stets is currently working on a National Science Foundation-funded study of how social structure and individual agency interact to produce outcomes such as inequality, cohesion, and a group identity. Eight experiments have been carried out in the Social Psychology Research Laboratory, and graduate and undergraduate students have been involved in various phases of the project to learn how to carry out original research.