2018-2019 Sociology Colloquium Series.

October 18th

Dr. Dolores Treviso, Occidental College
Neighborhood Poverty and Segregation in the Reproduction of Disadvantage: Mexican Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles”

Dr. Trevizo’s research focuses on how neighborhood poverty and racial segregation affect the business performance of Mexican immigrant entrepreneurs in L.A.Based on a survey of shopkeepers in twenty different neighborhoods, she (and her co-author) demonstrate that even slightly less impoverished or slightly more multiethnic neighborhoods improve the business outcomes of Mexican immigrant entrepreneurs. Their findings also reveal previously overlooked aspects of micro-class, gender, as well as ‘legal capital’ advantages. Although the research demonstrates that the local place characteristics of neighborhoods both reflect and reproduce class and racial inequalities, it also demonstrates that the diversity of experiences among Mexican immigrants living within the spatial boundaries of these communities also matters to their economic mobility.

12:30pm, Watkins Hall 1126

November 1st

Amada Armenta, UCLA

“Immigrants and the Law: Crafting Moral Selves in the Face of Immigration Control”

US immigration laws criminalize unauthorized immigrants and render many of immigrants’ daily activities “illegal.” How does this affect immigrants’ attitudes and practices toward the law? Drawing on interviews with unauthorized Mexican immigrants in Philadelphia, this study examines how respondents resolve problems of law in their everyday lives. I show how time spent in the United States transforms migrants’ legal attitudes from one of “getting around the law” to one of “doing things the right way.” I highlight the implications of this legal transformation for the moral economy of immigration policy, for immigrant claims-making, and for Latino immigrants’ place in the racial hierarchy.

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500

 January 17th

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University

Chancellor’s Lecture Series

12:30pm, TBA

February 7th

Brian Kelly, Purdue University

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500

March 7th

Jeff Guhin, UCLA

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500

March 14th

Tod Hamilton, Princeton University

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500

April 25th

Jessica Collett, UCLA

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500

May 9th

Bryan Sykes, UC Irvine

12:30pm, HMNSS 1500