Adalberto Aguirre, Jr.
Adalberto Aguirre, Jr.

Professor & Chair

Office: 1240 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5507
Fax: (951) 827-3330
E-mail: adalberto.aguirre@ucr.edu


Aguirre, A. (2018). Criminalizing Mexican identity: Privilege, power, and identity formation over time. In M. G. Urbina & S. E. Álvarez (Eds.), Hispanics in the U.S. criminal justice system: Ethnicity, ideology, and social control. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas. 

Aguirre, A. 2017. “The Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations.” Pp. 256-263 in The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology.  Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

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