Amy Kroska
Amy Kroska

Professor of Sociology & Graduate Advisor for Admissions

Office: 2146 Watkins Hall
E-mail: amy.kroska@ucr.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Amy Kroska received her PhD from Indiana University in 1997, and she joined the Department of Sociology at UCR in 2020.  Her research and teaching interests include social psychology, gender, mental health, family, and crime.  Her recent studies have used social psychological theories to illuminate the gender gap in business leadership, the sanctioning of white-collar criminals, the connection between a juvenile delinquency adjudication and self-meaning, and the effect of a mental illness diagnosis on group influence, social distancing, and self-meaning.  Her earlier studies examined the factors that affect gender ideology, housework divisions, and the affective meanings tied to gendered roles and family work behavior.  Her research has appeared in Social Psychology Quarterly, Social Forces, Social Science Research, and elsewhere.

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