Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao

Associate Professor 

E-mail: weiz@ucr.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Wei Zhao is an Associate Professor of Sociology.  His research focuses on social inequality, organizational sociology, economic sociology, and Chinese society.  His recent work has examined social inequality in multiple dimensions during China’s market transition.  Other projects have investigated organizational practices and changes, such as in human resource management and network patterns, through China’s market transition and globalization processes.  Drawing empirical evidence from the California and French wine industries, he has also conducted a series of studies on how institutional systems affect market status and product valuation.  His publications have appeared in prominent journals in sociology and management.


Zhao, Wei and Jun Xu. “Visible and Invisible Hands Intertwined: State-Market Symbiotic Interactions and Changing Income Inequality in Urban China.” In press. Social Science Research.

Xu, Jun, Wei Zhao, and Fang Gong. “Market Transition, Multidimensional Socioeconomic Status, and Health Disparities in Urban China.” In press. Sociological Perspectives.

Ge, Jianhua and Wei Zhao. 2018. “Culture, Power, and Hybrid HR System in Foreign-Invested Enterprises: Evidence from China.” International Journal of Human Resource Management. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2018.1448293.

Zhao, Wei and Xueguang Zhou. 2017. “From Institutional Segmentation to Market Fragmentation: Institutional Transformation and the Shifting Stratification Order in Urban China.” Social Science Research 63:19-35.

Zhao, Wei and Yang Cao. 2017. “Institutional Compatibility and the Diffusion of ‘Best Practices’: Human Resource Management in Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China.” Chinese Sociological Review 49:1-34.

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