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Bernabe Rodriguez
Bernabe Rodriguez

Biography: Bernabe’ received his B.A. in Sociology (2013) and his M.A. in Sociology (2015) with an emphasis on gender/sexuality and popular culture from California State University, Fullerton. His areas of specialization include Race and Class Inequality and Gender Studies.

Bernabe’ is interested in becoming more grounded in qualitative methods, with a special emphasis on ethnography. His research examines masculine performance in the context of popular culture conventions, or “Comic Con”, and how this performance creates a hostile space for women attending these events. His research shows that even though the men who attend these conventions occupy a subordinate role, because nerds are not conventionally the most masculine, they still enact oppressive behavior (sexual harassment, intimidation, mocking, etc.). One interesting thing about Bernabe’ is that he has been to Skywalker Ranch

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