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Eden Ragsdale
Eden Ragsdale

Biography: Eden has a B.A. in sociology from Western Washington University (WWU), and entered UCR in Fall 2016. Her specialization is Race and Class Inequality. This interest is grounded in a critical race feminist standpoint. She is fascinated by the many ways race and socioeconomic status are intertwined within relationships, mental and physical health, identity formation, criminalization, and general life opportunities. Over the past two years, Eden has been working with a WWU team researching, among other topics, racialized dating patterns on the online dating site, and stereotyping of Asian culture in electronic slot machine games. She also has an ongoing interest in migration issues, specifically in the effects of the massive Horn of Africa diaspora on the lives of those left behind. Her interest in migration came about from her own childhood experiences, and from continuing to see wave after wave of her family and friends forced to leave in response to ongoing geopolitical violence and lack of economic opportunity. These personal experiences combine with current issues in motivating Eden to consider the long-term effects of forced migration. For fun, Eden likes to read, play pub trivia, and explore new towns. She is a member of ASA and PSA.

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