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Phoenicia Fares
Phoenicia Fares

Biography: Phoenicia Fares is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Riverside. Her research interests include theories of social interaction, identity theory, and experimental methods. She is a Research Fellow for the Study of Role-taking at the Australian National University, Laboratory Manager for the Social Psychology Research Laboratory at UCR (, and Editorial Assistant for Journal of Health and Social Behavior. She has been a Graduate Assistant for the National Foundation Grant “The Study of Social Structure, Identity, and Exchange” (Principal Investigators: Jan E. Stets, Scott V. Savage, and Peter J. Burke, 2015–2017) and past Editorial Assistant for Social Psychology Quarterly (2014–2017). Recent publications include “Collective Identity and Emotion: Extending Identity Theory with Social Media Data” (with Jenny L. Davis and Tony P. Love) in Social Psychology Quarterly, 2019; “The Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Racial/Ethnic Identification on General Trust” (with Jan E. Stets) in Social Science Research, 2019; and “The Fairness Identity and The Emergence of Inequality” (with Scott V. Savage, Jan E. Stets, and Peter J. Burke) in Social Science Research, 2019.

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