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Rudolph Bielitz
Rudolph Bielitz

Biography: Rudolph Bielitz is a PhD student in sociology at UC Riverside. His primary area of specialization is Race and Class Inequality, and his secondary area of specialization is Organizations & Institutions. In 2019 Rudolph Bielitz successfully defended his MA thesis titled Resisting Colonization through Community-Labor Alliances: A Case Study of Political Struggles over Airport Expansion in San Bernardino. His MA thesis investigated the perceived impact of a large air-cargo logistics center being built in San Bernardino’s Latinx community, and for his thesis, Rudolph conducted a participatory observation by volunteering with several non-profit organizations (known as the coalition) that were dedicated to drafting a community benefits agreement, which would guarantee that the Latinx community would be provided with public benefits and amenities in exchange for allowing an air-cargo logistic center to be built within their community. The following are the non-profits that Rudolph volunteered and supported during his field work: (1) the Sierra Club, (2) Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, (3) Teamsters Local 1932, (4) Warehouse Worker Resource Center, and (5) Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, and part of his duties and responsibilities was to canvass and inform residents of the Latinx community of the potential negative effects that the logistics center could have on their community in terms of air pollution, traffic, and the local economy. In addition, Rudolph’s interests also include consumerism and marketing, as well as promoting Latino Academic Success within higher education.

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