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Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray

Biography: Sarah is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology department. Her current research interests focus on gender, workplace inequality, and police organizations. Sarah’s dissertation, entitled “Intersectional Inequality Among Women Within Police Agencies” uses interviews to explore women police officer’s experiences of workplace inequality in two locations within the United States. Her master’s thesis covered similar concepts in a Canadian context. She has received the UC Consortium of Social Science and Law Summer Fellowship as well as the Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies Graduate Student Research Fellowship to support her work. Her recent article “Seeing and Doing Gender at Work: A Qualitative Analysis of Canadian Male and Female Police Officers” published in Feminist Criminology is now available online.

Her teaching interests include research methods, crime and criminology, and the sociology of women. Sarah is also a member of several professional associations including the American Society of Criminology, the American Sociological Association, the Canadian Sociological Association, and Sociologists for Women in Society. She is most active in the Division on Women and Crime (within ASC), where she is currently the Graduate Executive Counselor.

Sarah received her B.A. (with Honors) in Sociology and Drama from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 2014 and her M.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Riverside in 2016.

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