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Shayna La Scala
Shayna La Scala

Biography: Shayna La Scala received her BS as a Ronald E. McNair and Sally Casanova Scholar at California State University Fullerton. She majored in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health and minored in Sociology and Public Health. She joins the Sociology Department at UCR as a CSU Chancellor Doctoral Scholar and will specialize in Medical Sociology and Social Psychology, as well as a designated emphasis in Public Policy.

Shayna’s previous career, as a substance abuse counselor in a non-profit residential rehabilitation center has influenced her research interests at the intersection of health and sociology. Broadly, her interests are on the opioid epidemic, prevention and intervention of substance abuse, and substance abuse recovery methods.

Her recent research was on Mental Health and Educational Disparities: Comparisons of Psychological Functioning and Academic Outcomes Between White and Ethnic Minority College Students in Recovery. Previous research has included, neurobiological exploration to investigate any correlation of hallucinogen effects to schizophrenia, depression or addiction, spatial analysis to investigate water and restroom resources for the homeless in Los Angeles County, and investigation of first-generation, low SES student parent relationships with their children.

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