Visiting Scholars 2018-2019.

Dina Aly Ezzat
Office: 1150
Watkins Hall
Phone: 951.827.5936

Dina Aly Ezzat, PhD, is a Fulbright Egyptian Scholar affiliated with the Department of Sociology at the University of California Riverside. She is a full lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Assiut University, Egypt. Her stream of research adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses Religion and Violence, Gender and Middle Eastern Societies, Population Health, and Environment and Society.

Under religion and violence, Dr. Aly investigates why and how Arab men use Islam to justify intimate partner violence, often by selecting verses of the Koran that they wrongly believe subjugates women, while ignoring those verses that talk about equality of the sexes. She also links elements of Middle Eastern culture to international terrorism, such as the practice of revenge killings.

With regard to gender, Dr. Aly studies marriage and divorce laws and practices in Egypt, and how these work against women (for example in child custody and property rights), regardless of educational attainment and social class of women. Ultimately, she concludes that unequal distribution of political, economic, societal, and traditional power is the main culprit. Under the framework of population health, Dr. Aly studies trends and differentials in suicide in Egypt, and identifies reasons why suicide rates appear to be low in Egypt and other Arab nations. She further does both qualitative and quantitative investigation of the emigration of high skilled Egyptians from the country to foreign lands, and analyzes what could be done to retain high human capital for national development.

Dr. Aly is the author of numerous books, including Environment and Society, History of Social Thought, Economic Sociology, Professional Sociology, School Violence, Community Development, Theoretical Trends in Sociology, Political Sociology, Industrial Sociology, and Modern Methods in Social Research.

Tatiana Mednikova
Tatiana Mednikova received her PhD in Higher Education/Pedagogy from RUDN University, Moscow. Her thesis focused on higher education policies and graduate employability in Russia and the USA – her interest in this topic was sparked by her experience as a Fulbrighter in Minnesota, US, in 2010-2011. At the moment Tatiana is pursuing her second PhD degree, in Sociology at the University of Surrey, UK, and her research project aims to investigate how study abroad experience in established democracies affects Russian students’ socio-political identity. Her research interests include higher education, international mobility, identity, migration, political participation, and democratization.

Tatiana has also held positions in quality assurance departments both in Russia and the UK. She was responsible for international accreditation reviews and academic planning process. She speaks Russian, English, French and is currently learning Italian. Her hobbies include yoga, cooking, gardening, reading and travelling.