ETST 221: Race, Gender, Law & Equal Protection
ETST 240:
 Sociology of Gender
ETST 256:
 Current Research in Feminist and Gender Sociology
ETST 258:
 Current Research in the Sociology of Families and Loving Relationships
ETST 262:
 Theory and Method in Gender Studies (required core course)
ETST 263:
 Women and Work in World Historical Perspective
ETST 264E:
 Gender and Families
ETST 264F:
 Domestic and Sexual Violence
ETST 264G:
 The Sociology of Men
ETST 264M:
 Gender in Comparative Perspective
ETST 264P:
 Gender, Politics, and Public Policy
ETST 264T:
 Transnational Sex, Romance, and Marriage
ETST 268:
 Law, Race, Class, and Gender
ETST 285N:
 Social Psychology of Gender