Ph.D. Students on the Market.

Amanda Admire

Research Interests: Intimate partner violence, policing, criminology, gender and crime, intersectionality, qualitative methods

Dissertation Title: Policing Domestic Violence: Examining the Impact of Organizational, Extralegal, and Attitudinal Factors on Officer Decision Making

Committee: Sharon Oselin (chair), Tanya Nieri, and Victoria Reyes

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Alexis A. Álvarez, M.A.

Research Interests: PEGSC and Institutions/Organizations.

Dissertation Title: The Structure of Global Governance: Multivariate and Network Analyses of Foreign Aid, Trade, and IGO Membership, 1919 – 2015

Committee: Christopher Chase-Dunn (chair), Robert Hanneman, and Ellen Reese

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Ian Breckenridge-Jackson

Research and Teaching Interests: Race, class, and gender inequality; social movements and social change; volunteerism and volunteer tourism; political sociology; disasters and environmental sociology; qualitative and quantitative research methods (mixed methods)

Dissertation Title: The Impacts of Disaster Recovery Volunteerism(s): A Case Study of Post-Katrina New Orleans

Dissertation Committee: Ellen Reese (chair), Katja Guenther, and Christopher Chase-Dunn

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Michaela Curran

Research Interests: Health, Development, Inequality, Global/Comparative, Politics/Political Economy, and Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Health Disparities in Global Context: Income Inequality, Economic Development, and Resource Gradients

Dissertation Committee: Bruce G. Link (Co-Chair), Matthew C. Mahutga (Co-Chair), Richard M. Carpiano, Steven G. Brint, and David Brady

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Caryn Bell Gerstenberger

Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Criminology, Gender, Inequality, and Gender & Crime

Dissertation Title:Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of Violence Among Gay Men

Dissertation Committee: Robert Nash Parker (chair), Kirk R. Williams, and Tanya Nieri

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Elizabeth Hughes

Research Interests: Gender, Race, Sexuality, Health, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Examining the Embodied Sexual Experiences of Heterosexual African-American Women

Committee: Tanya Nieri (Chair), Sharon Oselin, Alfredo Mirandé

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Julisa McCoy

Research Interests: Gender, race/ethnicity, and class inequalities; gender and sexuality; reproductive justice; social movements

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Reproductive Policy: Family Planning Policy Restrictions in the United States

Committee: Ellen Reese (Chair), Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., Bruce Link, and Amalia Cabezas

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Alessandro Morosin

Research Interests: Globalization, social movements, environmental sociology, gender/race/class inequality, contemporary Mexico and Latin America, qualitative methods, cross-national research

Dissertation Title: Confronting Dispossession: Gender, Class and Indigeneity in Oaxaca’s Anti-Mining Movement 

Committee: Ellen Reese (chair), Alfredo Mirande, Christopher Chase-Dunn

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Christopher Vito

Research Interests: Race, Class, and Gender Inequality, Popular Culture, Political Economy and Social Change, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Just Say No to 360s: The Politics of Independent Hip-Hop

Dissertation Committee: Ellen Reese (Chair), Adalberto Aguirre, Alfredo Mirande, and Lan Duong

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