Sociology 243J: Comparative and World Historical Sociology
Sociology 243K:
Social Change: Global Perspectives
Sociology 243S: Social Movements
Sociology 251: Current Research in Political Economy and Global Social Change
Sociology 255M: The Sociology of Work
Sociology 255N: Economic Organization
Sociology 257E: Economic Sociology
Sociology 257J: Political Sociology
Sociology 258: Quantitative Macro Comparative Methods
Sociology 261: World-Systems Analysis
Sociology 263: Women and Work in World-Historical Perspective
Sociology 264M: Gender in Comparative Perspective
Sociology 264P: Gender Politics and Public Policy
Sociology 264T: Transnational Sex, Marriage, and Romance
Sociology 265J: Seminar in World Inequality
Sociology 271: Inequality and Stratification
Sociology 272E: Historical and Comparative Methods
Sociology 275H: Urban Political Sociology
Sociology 281: Political Economy and Global Social Change
Sociology 282: International Migration