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SPYRL: Seminar


The purpose of this seminar is to train students specializing in sociological social psychology how to engage in research, writing, and publishing social psychological work. Using the seminar approach, students review each other’s current “work in progress” each meeting. The faculty provides feedback on the students’ reviews, reviews the students’ papers as well, and offers additional information on analytic procedures, data analysis, writing, theory development and other aspects involved in getting their work published. This seminar teaches students the skills necessary in research writing and publishing, but it also advances the students “work in progress” to the next stage of journal submission. The seminar is held every other week throughout the academic year.

SPYRL Seminar 2021
Graduate student seminar participants:
(from left to right) Bryce Ritt, Ben Fields, Emily Angelo, Corinne Tam, Donghyun Henry Kim, Miriam Sharkey. Not pictured: Justin Huft (absent when the picture was taken)